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"I want to create a melodious arrangement, harmony of color and a cross over between painting/design, with a dash of mystery, a pinch of drama and a sprinkle of the joy of being alive; this is the aim.  I use the events of my life and travels as the inspiration and living in the West Indies for so long instill that marvelous feeling of freedom. I think that is the luckiest part of living a creative life and the luxury of using ones imagination, and for me living in a world of romance and 'tales of the caribbean'.

I often wonder how and what I would have painted if I had not arrived on the the shores of a small island with the sounds of calypso and reggae, the sea, palms and sweet smell of sugar. It had a great impact on me, after a disciplined upbringing, disciplined schooling and a disciplined art training in Florence, suddenly I was absolutely full of ideas and curiosity and space.

My work has changed a great deal over the years and hopefully will change more so . At one point I loved the narrative, the science of color, then drama, a so it goes on. I am a Gemini so we change all the time. My heroes change too.

It has not been a normal route for a painter, there are no galleries, you have to start your own, you have to do designing or printing to help the purse. But the advantages are glorious, I see monkeys in the wax apple tree, I watch a rasta dance, I see waterspouts from my verandah."

Kate Spencer is one of the Caribbeans's most prolific and best known artists. Born in Yorkshire, England Kate has made her home in St. Kitts since 1978, working in her studio and gallery at the Northern end of the island in the grounds of an old sugar estate


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